Original Veggie Fermenter (dual kit)
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Original Veggie Fermenter (dual kit)

Do you want an easy and convenient way to make the very best tasting fermented vegetables? Using our Vegetable Fermenter System for Wide-mouth Mason jars will make fermenting foods a breeze!

Price: $17.95
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Kit Includes:

  • 2 air-lock tubes (3 piece system)
  • 2 BPA-free plastic lids w/ food-safe grommets
  • 2 solid BPA-free storage lids
  • 2 FDA-approved food-safe rubber gaskets (for air-tight seal)
  • Illustrated instructions for assembly
  • BONUS Lacto-fermentation Recipe (not on website)

*Jar(s) not included, you must supply your own standard wide-mouth glass mason-type canning jar(s). This item is sold as a bulk item, non-retail packaging, to save you money.

Easy Assembly of The Original Veggie Fermenter™

Benefits of using an air-lock system when fermenting:

  • Better tasting ferments!
  • Air-tight seal!
  • Reduces mold on top of ferments! (less scraping fuzz away)
  • Releases pressure/gas naturally (no fear of jar exploding)!

Why The Original Veggie FermenterTM from Cooking God's Way is an economical and quality choice...

  • Works with any sized Wide-Mouth glass mason-type "canning" jar!
  • Fermented foods can be stored right in the same jar (no transferring)!
  • Our lids are BPA free!
  • Custom-made FDA-approved Food-safe Rubber Gasket - for an air-tight seal
  • Easy to clean!
  • Simple to use!

Need extra storage lids?

Also see our Lacto-fermentation Weights

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Great value for the fermenting enthusiast!

- 01/15/2017

The kit is a great value as it includes to basic parts needed to ferment foods safely and efficiently. I love that I don't have to buy "special" jars that are hard to replace. I just simply use the wide-mouth canning jars that I already have and are also available in most supermarkets or hardware stores. I love and use this fermenting kit so much that I have purchased many of them for myself and for relatives and friends.

Fermenting Grandma

- 12/02/2016

At my age of 65 I was concerned to try a new project like fermenting. My family teases me and says I am already fermented bechause of my age. I have to say the bean dip I made with the recipe in the book was super. It was so easy to ferment the black beans and they were wonderful in the holiday dip I made.

If I am able to learn new tricks at 65, then you can too. I am planing so many different fermented foods my kitchen will look like a bubbling lab.

thankyou Martha.

Fementing It All

- 10/10/2016

I have had issues with my gut for years and have lots of sensitivities to chemicals. I purchased some of your kits at the direction of my friend and how the foods changed her life for the better.

It has been 4 weeks that I have been eating the fermented foods and I have been seeing a difference. My issues with chemicals has gone down. In the past when I went to the store I had to be very concerned if they had just cleaned the floors. The chemicals in the cleaners would give me terrible headaches. I just realized that I had been at the store and they were cleaning the floors right then and no headache at all that day.

I know I have more of a road to travel to get all my health back but this is a great start. I am working to eat fermented foods every day. My body loves them so much.

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