UltraCell Full Size 30ml
UltraCell Full Size 30ml

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Phytocannabinoid Rich and Water Soluble. Organically sourced. Full spectrum extraction. Superior formulation. Up to 94% bioavailable. 1-ounce (30 mL) bottle. Available in Berry & Lemon!

Trial size bottles also available

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Oil & Water Are Finally Friends!
1-ounce (30 mL) bottle.
Recommended dose according to label is 1 mL.
Choose either Berry or Lemon flavor.

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Introducing UltraCell Technology

The simple reality is that regardless of how high-quality an oil-based supplement is, if your body can't absorb the oil, your body can't use it. It's not what you take that matters, but rather what your body can absorb.

UltraCell technology uses two delivery systems, liposomes and micelles, that work in concert with each other to maximize the benefits of UltraCell full-spectrum hemp oil. Liposomes act as a time-release payload delivery, while micelles aim for rapid onset. Together, these proven processes work with the body to maximize absorption.

It is the delivery system that brings you more than 400 naturally occurring entourage compounds in full spectrum hemp oil, optimized for bioavailability and absorption. With UltraCell, you benefit from superior technology, and you get the most from each and every drop of hemp oil.

What is UltraCell?

UltraCell is a full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich, and water-soluble hemp oil. Our team of experts delicately extracts the complete oil profile of certified USDA organic hemp to make every bottle of UltraCell. This amazing botanical includes hundreds of other biologically active compounds, each one with its own potential for health benefits for our endocannabinoid systems.

What is the CBD Content?

Each bottle of UltraCell contains 500mg of full spectrum hemp oil. In the same way that blueberries can vary in taste, color, and size, hemp oil can vary in CBD content, since it is a natural product. Generally, our CBD content is around 4.2 mg/ml of CBD per serving.

Does UltraCell Contain Any THC?

The Federal Farm bill allows hemp-derived products to contain as much as 0.3% THC per dry weight. All batches of UltraCell are independently tested and verified at the time of bottling to contain less than 0.0% THC. Since UltraCell is derived from hemp, one should always assume there are trace amounts of THC in the product.

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