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- 06/10/2017

Just wanted to say, Wow it only took 2 days to get my order....

This Perfect

- 03/11/2017

This perfect for my food. Makes fermenting like Grandmother when I child. Worked like Grandmother tastes very good. Book and class work as couple. Thank you very good.

Helping Already

- 12/15/2016

My gut has not been right since I took a trip overseas last year. Guess the water or food did not work with me. It has been so much of a drag to never know when my gut would act up. Pain and cramping. A friend suggested I may has a gut issue that probiotics could help. after spending all that money on probiotics I did see some improvement and she suggested I just need stronger natural probiotics for food. Fermenting was something I though you only did to beer, but I ordered the kit and made some pickles and cabbage. Believe it or not after just a week of eating these foods my gut felt so much beetter. It is just amazing.

I would recommend fermented foods to anyone that has gut issues. It feels like every time I eat the foods I am getting better. I would say it is just in my mind but my pain is going away like never before.

Keep up the good work.

More Shipping Options

- 08/06/2016

More shipping options would be good. I wanted overnight since my vegetables were already ripe from the garden. You did make me happy with how fast you got it out, but 3 days was longer than I wanted to wait.

Still good product and my vegetables came out great. Book has lots of good recipes.

Quick shipping

- 07/02/2016

Fast shipping and great book. My kids are going to love this food. Thank you.


Thank You

- 05/29/2016

After calling to ask about how your products were made I knew I had found the right place. I never thought about how important it is that the fermenting weights are made with food safe clay.

Thank you for pointing out that you hold the line for us customers. I know it is true since I don't even see ads on your site that are not healthy. I always thought it was funny how many other sites have junk food ads and insurance ads. Guess that is how it goes together.

Again, thank you for not giving in to the beast.


Fast shipping

- 09/16/2015

Fast shipping. Love the book. My family is going to love these foods. Thanks a bunch!

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