Veggie Fermenter eCourse (Lacto fermentation)
Veggie Fermenter eCourse (Lacto fermentation)

This simple 11 lesson eCourse will cover how to ferment various types of vegetables - from sauerkraut, to pickles and more. You will walk away with the knowledge and confidence you need, to prepare your very own fermented foods in your own kitchen (even yogurt).

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This 11 Lesson Online Video eCourse covers the History of Fermented Vegetables, along with the Science, Health, Methods, Tools, and Safety & Storage of these delicious foods.

This interactive eCourse demonstrates many recipes from Sauerkraut, to Pickles, Beans, Homemade Yogurt and more!

Includes all supporting documents with notes of all the topics covered, as well as all the recipes demonstrated.

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What You Will Learn:

  • How easy it is to ferment vegetables at home.
  • The history of these foods, and that you have probably eaten them before.
  • Why fermentation is better than canning (preserving).
  • How these healthy foods can boost your immune system.
  • How to make foods that your kids will want to eat.
  • Pickling foods without the use of vinegar (no strong vinegar-y taste).
  • You will learn how to use this process with;
    • Vegetables - asparagus, peppers, onions, green beans, carrots, cabbage (sauerkraut), cucumbers (pickles), and more.
    • Fruits - chutneys, marmalade, lemons, etc.
    • Condiments - mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salsa, etc.
    • Dairy - yogurt, greek yogurt, etc.

"The fermenting class was wonderful! I can't wait to try some of the recipes in my kitchen! The salsa was amazing, the bean dip was excellent and I can't get over the yummy yogurt cheese!" - Andrea

"I so enjoyed the class. It was very informative and I learned a lot, especially eye-opening was how easy Lacto-Fermentation is." - Vicky

"When I made what I had learned in class things actually came out tasting good on the first try. Lacto-Fermentation is easy." - T.C.

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I love the way this course is laid's perfect for this beginner!

- 06/11/2015

I recently became interested in learning how to ferment my own vegetables but didn't know where to begin. It's so much information to try and digest out there. I found this course and am so happy that I did! It is very easy to follow. I've learned so much! I love how the course is laid out, it even works for this beginner! All the information is there for you. With the couple of questions that I did have come up, Jeff & Shannon were just a quick email away and answered me promptly. They were so helpful. The course is such a good value, especially with the 1-year of support that you get with it.

Love the videos

- 08/21/2014

Jeff and Shannon, I loved the videos, I ended up watching them all in one sitting. I learned so much and now I know the facts. There are so many websites that say so many different things. It is great to hear the truth from someone who has taught this for years.

I even show my friends at work the videos on my phone to try and get them to ferment. Maybe we will get a party going.


- 06/10/2014

When I was told I had IBS by my health practitioner and that I need to make fermented foods to help it I was very scared I would not be able to do it. Jeff you were wonderful when I called and answered all my questions about your class.

The videos were easy to understand and I started making foods that same day. My kraut came out tasting better than any I have ever had. Your videos are fun to watch and easy to understand. I am no longer scared I can't make fermented foods. I am ready to push forward and loose my IBS.

Thank you so much for you and Shannon's work.

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