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Original Veggie Fermenter (Starter Kit)
Are you new to making fermented vegetables? Looking for a perfect gift for that special "foodie" in ...
List Price: $24.95
Price: $21.95
Original Veggie Fermenter (dual kit)
Do you want an easy and convenient way to make the very best tasting lacto-fermented foods? Using ou...
Price: $17.95
Veggie Fermenter Family 4 Pack
Our Family 4-pack is a great value and will get you going making fermented vegetables! Includes 4 ea...
List Price: $43.85
Price: $33.90
Master Veggie Fermenter 6 Pack
Are you a Master Veggie Fermenter? Well this 6-pack will get you well on your way! Includes 6 each: ...
List Price: $91.73
Price: $75.40